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Awesome guide to welcome freshers to the world of Computer Science.

CS 101

License: MIT

Awesome collection of some of the best resources online for Computer Science.
Contributions are welcome.

The guide contains the following sections:


Absolute Beginners

Kickstart Projects

Competitive Coding

Curated Curriculum

For people interested in following a university like curriculum.

Free Online Courses

The following websites feature some of the best resources available online for learning topics related to Computer Science.


Web Development

Mobile Development


Game Development

Open Source

Software Development


Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

Cyber Security


Developer Programs

Technical Student/Developer Programs

Summer Student Programs

Winter Student Programs

Women In Tech Programs

Annual Hackathons

A list of annually conducted major hackathons and developer centric initiatives, sorted in chronological order of registration period.